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There’s a new craze and it’s all about the ‘escape room’ experience. But what’s it all about…well as the name suggests, you have to ‘escape the room’, and you do this in a group by solving several games & puzzles. Originating from Asia, these popular strategy based room games have evolved over the years, with themed Escape Rooms becoming extremely popular over the last couple of years. 

There’s often a theme involved, or a story being played out and the room will be decorated according to the theme or story. (more…)

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Llama Drama!

Llamas are right on trend this season, and It’s easy to understand why our tall necked furry friends are so adored, from the big eyes to their little fluffy tails… I just had to include a post about our new llama party invites. 

Following through from Aztec fashion trends, there’s been a huge global trend of bright coloured (more…)

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