Let’s Be Crafty!

Craft parties are very popular, from painting to soap making, it’s a perfect way to keep a group of children entertained and they even have a keepsake at the end. At Wow Wow Meow, we have plenty of ideas to keep your guests entertained for hours!

See out top 4 Crafty party ideas below:

All you need is lots of coloured card and paper, some paints, and pots for water (old yoghurt pos are perfect for these!) and a selection of brushes. As it’s all about tuning in to your inner Jackson Pollock, you don’t need to spend a fortune on high-quality paints and brushes. Let them go crazy with colours & experiment. If you prefer a more structured art session or if you are following a theme, you can print out outlines for the children to paint. Need a quick option? Many craft shops sell books with tons of outline images, simply tear them out the book and scatter around the art table for the children to choose their own and get inspired!

Mixing & stirring to create some fabulous bath products or even bath bombs, a perfect crafty group activity. Applying different scents & elements, from flowers to sparkles can produce some fantastic effects! Everyone has a pretty gift to take home at the end.

Think feathers, think pom poms and definitely think glitter! Go crazy with crinkle cut scissors, glue and plenty of coloured card. Pipe cleaners & googly eyes are perfect for creating creatures! If you’re having a themed party you can really tune into the elements to match your party. Go with the season, for winter-themed birthdays, you can pre-cut gingerbread men to colour and cut, for summer birthdays trying decorating flamingos & vacation scenes!

If your little one is the next Nigella, why not celebrate with a birthday bake! From muffins to cupcakes & cookies, there’s plenty of easy delicious recipes they can all enjoy. If you’re having a theme birthday why not try out biscuits using cutters. Cookie cutters are super inexpensive & using icing pens & hundreds & thousands you can create some fantastic treats.