Wine & Dine

Having friends over for dinner, and love the little finishing touches? 

The cutleries in place, the table mats, wine glasses, but you want to add a personal element… why not use your very own menu to show guests what you will be serving, not only is this a great talking point at the table but also sets an elegant tone for the evening. 

The menus can be changed to suit your party, add your name, the

date or even a cute title, for example ‘Peter & Megan’s Engagement Dinner’, to really set the tone of the evening, you can create a 2, 3 course dinner, with even more additions, you can edit the size of the text and even change the font.

If you have a theme or seasonal dinner party, why not select a menu to match, we have some elegant Art-Deco inspired menus, perfect for a 1920’s theme evening, and pumpkin menus, perfect for fall or a Thanksgiving dinner. 

If you’re feeling really crafty, a napkin folded elegantly, with the menu on top, finished off with twine or colourful ribbon adds such a pretty first impression of guest arriving at the table. It’s almost like presenting each guest with a thoughtful gift of what to expect of the evening, as they settle down for the meal.

The menus are 3.3 x 7 inches and print 3 per page, these can be printed on A4 card or Letter Size 8.5 x 11 inches, always use ‘page scale: none’, avoid selecting ‘fit to page’ to achieve the correct size.

Simply order, download & edit in adobe reader. You can print at a print store if preferred.